Reverend Dr. David Maier - A Holy Week Prayer

A video prayer for Holy Week prepared by Pastor Maier for the Michigan District. This Easter, let us rejoice & celebrate together our risen and living Lord.

Reverend Dr. David Maier Video Series: Video One

Imagine Immeasurably More asked Reverend Dr. Maier to do a series of short videos that we can share which shine a light on key issues and allow you to get to know him. These videos will enable you to learn more about Pastor Maier as you prepare to cast a vote for the Synod Presidency. Please enjoy.

An inspirational Monday Morning Prayer Service with Pastor Maier and others at Concordia University Ann Arbor on April 4, 2019.

Imagine Immeasurably More Town Hall Meeting With Guest Pastor David Maier 1/16/19

On 1/16/19 Imagine's Town Hall with guest, Rev. Dr. David Maier streamed live on our Facebook page from Immanuel Lutheran in Macomb, MI. Pastor Maier discussed his hope for the future of the LCMS and answered questions from FB Live and the audience in attendance.

This event was filled with song, prayer and hope as we learned more about Reverend Maier and his leadership. The event was in Immanuel's historic chapel. This event was open to the public.

Imagine Immeasurably More Town Hall Meeting With Guest Pastor David Maier 11/8/18

On 11/8/18 we had the opportunity to sit down with Pastor David Maier. Pastor Maier answered many of the questions that were submitted to us by those interested in knowing more about him. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. 

We asked Rob Kasper, a friend and co-worker of Pastor Maier, to be the moderator for this town hall. Thank you to Pastor Maier and to Rob Kasper for their time.

May God bless Pastor Maier and his family as he continues to help us all imagine immeasurably more for our beloved LCMS. 

Pastor David Maier’s Speech at the Michigan District Convention

Pastor David Maier, President of the Michigan District - LCMS, gave the keynote presentation at the 2018 PSD Convention.