The following articles were written in support of Reverend David Maier as President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Why David Maier? A Letter In Support of Pastor Maier for President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


I believe David Maier strikes a great balance.  His balance in three areas will serve the Synod well.

David has a balanced view of the pastoral office.  Lutheran pastors are neither priests, part of a hierarchy endowed with special powers and authority over and above the laity, nor are they mere humanly devised organizational figures, spiritual coaches.  We must guard against both sacerdotalism and “American Evangelicalism.” 

 I am convinced the present administration has not struck the right balance. 

David has a balanced view of the Word, the Confessions, history and the present.  All of these impact congregational ministry.  As Lutherans we hold the Scriptures as the norma normans, the Confessions as norma normata, history as instructive and the present as “un-ignorable.”  We cannot elevate either the Confessions or history to norma normans.  We dare not discount the Scripture.  We dare not worship the present.  These four, none of which is equal in weight, must be properly balanced. 

 I am convinced the present administration has not struck the right balance.

David has a balanced view of the relationship between congregations and the Synod/District.  As a holder of a high office in our church body he has demonstrated a clear understanding of the objectives of the LC-MS as delineated in the Handbook and the Synod’s views for congregational life.  Remember, the Synod declares (Article VII) that it is not an ecclesiastical government exercising legislative or coercive powers but is an advisory body.  David Maier has demonstrated that he understands the balance between local congregational life and the work of District/Synod.

 I am convinced the present administration has not struck the right balance.  

Balance is crucial.  Our nation and its communities need the LC-MS and its congregations at our balanced best.  I think David Maier will help us strike a better balance.

 In Jesus’ Service,

Pastor David A. Davis

St. Luke Lutheran Church (Haslett, MI)


Having known Pres. David Maier for over 25 years and having served with him as his Asso-ciate Pastor at Our Savior Lutheran, Lansing MI (1995 - 2004) I have a unique perspective of him and his plans.

These would be his Areas of Concentration:

· Center our best efforts on the outreach of local congregations into their communi-ties, especially focusing on urban area needs.

· Provide congregations with a steady stream of qualified pastors trained for varied settings across our Synod.

· Build up the health and vibrancy of our schools (pre-school through seminary) so that our young people are prepared for a life of ministry.

· Bring clarity and transparency to the Synod’s organizational and financial reporting.

· Employ collaboration with clergy and lay leaders from different demographic and congregational settings.

· Exemplify and encourage hope and confidence in Jesus as his Gospel works in every corner of our Synod.

I will be voting for Pres. David Maier and if you think change in leadership for our Synod would bring fresh insight, I would encourage you to do the same.

Pastor Robert B Appold

St. Matthew Lutheran Church (Grand Rapids, MI)

Why I think David Maier is the best choice for Synod President.

When David first became District president I was in the midst of planting a new church. Needless to say, planting a new congregation is an exhausting and frequently a discouraging journey. We live in a world that simply doesn’t care if a congregation is planted in their community or not. I was working with a fine group of people and we simply weren’t getting traction of growth that I had hoped for.

On May 3, 2011, I wrote President Maier. How do I know the exact date 8 years later, because I kept the email. He was busy in COP meetings in Fort Wayne and heading to St. Louis followed by being a graduation speaker at Concordia, Ann Arbor. And in the middle of all of his business and haste, he stopped and responded to my discouraging email. I honestly didn’t expect a response. I was a small town pastor in a very small church that certainly didn’t have any status or importance.

David made it clear that I as a brother matter and he made it clear that my ministry mattered. He spoke strongly to the battle we have against evil and that Jesus is triumphant. Look at what he wrote:

“My great joy in doing all of this is you brothers; the ministry you all are doing; the work of the Lord that you are accomplishing in communities making lives better and earning the privilege of sharing the message and name of Christ. I miss it ... but I am awed all the more by it…Dan, we follow the living Person ... and the way in which He leads will not always be easy, fun, or visibly blessed ... as it was not for Him. But we walk with Him by grace, and ... in Him ... The Best Is Yet To Come! I thank God for you, brother. David.”

Over these years I have watched David lead the Michigan District. I’ve watched him preach truth and grace at Pastor’s conferences. I’ve watched David treat people with the highest regard and affection. It is so obvious that he is driven by the grace of Jesus and that we who pastor at small little churches or wrestle with congregational politics or struggle with community resistance have his encouragement.

David is a man who gives courage and sees a vision for our LCMS having the potential of bringing a hope in Christ that will transform lives of people. Courage and Vision – these are certainly words that describe David. He certainly has given me courage to keep walking in my ministry and the vision to see that we are called to something far bigger than ourselves.

I really do want David Maier to be our next synodical president. He will have a powerful impact on the next steps for the LCMS.

Pastor Dan Flynn

St. Luke Lutheran Church (Ann Arbor, MI)