Why David Maier? A Letter In Support of Pastor Maier for President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


I believe David Maier strikes a great balance.  His balance in three areas will serve the Synod well.

David has a balanced view of the pastoral office.  Lutheran pastors are neither priests, part of a hierarchy endowed with special powers and authority over and above the laity, nor are they mere humanly devised organizational figures, spiritual coaches.  We must guard against both sacerdotalism and “American Evangelicalism.” 

 I am convinced the present administration has not struck the right balance. 



The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching. For our country, it is generally a one-day recognition, an encouragement to be thankful for health, wealth, family, friends, food, and fun. But be thankful to whom? Many will talk about being thankful to “god,” but most don’t know who that is, much less believe in Him.

Not only has a lack of recognition of—and saving relationship with—God contributed to the lack of thanksgiving or directionless gratitude, but for those who do believe in and know the true God, there’s another incredibly dangerous enemy lurking around: the spirit of entitlement.

No More Confusion: by Grace, through Faith, for Good Works

No More Confusion:  by Grace, through Faith, for Good Works

On a Fall evening in 2004 in New York a number of high school kids broke into a car.   They grabbed a credit card and proceeded to purchase more than $400.00 worth of DVDs and video games.

Then they went to a grocery store where a surveillance camera recorded them purchasing a few groceries including a frozen, twenty pound turkey.

They hastily leave the parking lot in their silver Nissan.  At approximately 12:30 am they cross paths with one Victoria Ruvulo.  Victoria is 44 years old and returning to her home after attending a vocal recital of her 14 year old niece. 

What happened next, she does not remember. 

Pastor David Maier’s Speech at the Michigan District Convention

Pastor David Maier’s Speech at the Michigan District Convention

How blessed to be People of Hope because of Jesus resurrection from the dead and know the difference our sin-conquering, grave-emptying, heaven-opening Savior can and does make in our lives and in all who believe in Him. 

What a joy to embrace an ever-present Savior God who promises never to leave or forsake us.  Because of Jesus, we are not afraid or even worried having come to realize that even during this age of continuing and constant change and turmoil there are wondrous and NEW opportunities to LIVE AS GOD’S SAVED AND SENT SERVANTS!